Branding Bear Cares

 At Branding Bear, our mission is simple. We help small and mid-size businesses and nonprofits compete with professional marketing and promotional services for any stage of their organizational life-cycle.

At the very heart of our mission is a commitment to support local schools and nonprofits. We believe these institutions are filled with purpose—each one striving to make our neighborhoods and communities a better place to live, work and play. 

Branding Bear Cares is an initiative in which we use our skills as branding experts and marketing specialists to assist local schools and nonprofits. Marketing plays an integral role in fundraising and reaching those in need for nonprofits. We help these organizations reach their fundraising goals and support their missions by: 

  • Strategic planning, brand identity and goal setting. 
  • Developing an engaging online presence through our social media management and website design services. 
  • Creating unique, branded promotional products, logos and more!  
  • Building expertly-crafted online retail stores.
  • Organizing public relations and publicity strategies. 

Branding Bear Cares is our way of saying 'thank you' to the people and organizations in our area that have big plans to make our world a better place. We wish to offer these services pro bono to give back to our community. Contact us to learn more today!