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Baker for Clerk - Campaign Commercial

Written and produced by Branding Bear

Video shot and edited by our partner Matt Wilson at Wilson Video.

Every weekend, during Tim Baker's successful run for County Clerk, we put out these Community Connections videos.  They offered a quick snapshot of what the candidate was up to and were extremely well received on social media!

In this example, we took a radio interview and made it into a simple video we could share with better traction on social media.

This was a print ad we ran in the Missourian for the Baker for Clerk political campaign.  In order to share it on social media - we turned it into a video that got a lot of attention.

When the Barnyard Cafe expanded we wanted to take still photos and turn them into a more engaging post for social media.  This video did the trick!

Social post - Stand Out From the Rest!

Valentine's Week Promo

Valentine's Day Promo

As part of a fundraising campaign, this video was used to show ways that the nonprofit The Arcadia Foundation supports the Camp Arcadia it was created for.